Rhima has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for Business Excellence [BXA] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business management.

“Rhima Australia is a proud market leader in providing washing equipment solutions, we can wash just about anything, and our business was built from scratch over 31 years ago. Being a family run business, we take pride in our achievements and this award just goes to show the success of our business and our staff. We wanted to commemorate the brilliance and hard work that has been put in to build our company over the years.”

Sarah Vandertop, Group Marketing Manager, Rhima Australia

Australian company Rhima imports and customises the very best European equipment washing systems for clients in the hospitality, healthcare and industrial sectors. Launched in 1990, the business has been an Australian market leader for over three decades.

The ability to wash and disinfect to the highest possible standard powers some of the important processes in our society and economy – from disinfecting medical equipment so it can safely be reused, to cleaning food pallets to meet food safety standards, to cleaning engine parts during production.

What sets Rhima apart is that they can truly wash anything for their customers. If a customer comes to them with a unique washing challenge, they will find a customised solution. The team has the product knowledge, the investment in research and development (R&D) and expertise to customise products as needed. They also provide on the ground support, and product verification and testing.

Rhima doesn’t just source washing equipment, the company also customises machines (leveraging their strong focus on R&D) to meet customer requirements, provides support services and maintenance, and also tests and verifies machines.

Rhima’s purpose straddles three areas:

– Quality

When customers buy from Rhima they are not just buying a piece of machinery. They are drawing on over 50 years of washing equipment knowledge built on a solid foundation.

– Sustainability

Washing and reusing items has an enormous role to play in reducing waste and delivering more sustainable outcomes. This is the single biggest opportunity in the sustainability space currently. Other initiatives such as recycling have been hampered by problems, with many recyclable items ending up in landfill. By enabling items to be cleaned according to standards and reused, this reduces the burden on recycling systems and reduces the amount in landfill. Rhima is at the forefront of this agenda. Their mantra is Rethink, Reuse, Rhima.

– Solutions

Rhima has a strong reputation for total project management of washing equipment installations of every size, from small catering requirements to complex laboratory and industrial cleaning and disinfecting systems.

They listen to the customer and clearly identify what they want to achieve. They will custom design the equipment and systems to fulfil the customer’s objectives. The solution will minimise labour and energy costs, address environmental responsibilities and comply with all health and hygiene standards and relevant legislation.

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