Junkeer has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Business Excellence [BXA] recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business management.

Junkeer New Era Consulting (Junkeer) was founded in 2014, originally conducting business in the accounting space. After many years in the business industry, the CEO and original founder of Junkeer was inspired to transition her business into the business consulting space. With many of her own clients struggling with basic business knowledge, it became apparent that while it may seem like it should be common place for businesses to be deliberately growing, refining and improving their businesses for the future; the fact is, the majority are not – more specifically, they simply did not know how to.

From the humble beginnings of a financial advisory practice, Junkeer entered the management consulting industry in 2016. To enter the marketplace successfully, Junkeer needed to ensure they had a point of difference. They created a boutique practice with big picture thinking and big business results. Junkeer started guaranteeing outcomes; they applied a focused single comprehensive model; took an agile and nimble approach to client implementation; tailored every solution to each client and brought excitement about the future.

Junkeer base their product offerings through an internal framework known as ‘the Junkeer Lens’ which consist of 8 distinct but interconnected categories. Junkeer approach each element of the lens with precision and tailored expertise for each client. While some clients choose to simply optimise only one or more areas of their business, it’s always advised that a business is on a never-ending scaling cycle of growth, so in reality, all these elements need to be constantly optimised and worked upon – by simply kick-starting that journey and make the future version of this process one with ease.

There are times when businesses are looking for us to help them with something more specific. Examples of this include conducting an external risk assessment, developing a new budgeting framework, or redesigning a business as they were entering a new merger and acquisition. In cases like these, the 8-lens framework still applies. No matter the project, the Junkeer 8-lens framework is designed to optimise any initiative being undertaken by a business, whether that is a small initiative or firm wide.

Junkeer have also evolved the 8-lens framework to be more industry-specific. That is not to say the traditional lens does not apply to various industries, but it is re-engineered to fit the niche of these sectors. The industries Junkeer have done this for include Education, Legal and Health.

For Junkeer, initially the framework was used to achieve internal excellence through optimising each aspect of business outlined in the Lens. As a business consultancy practice, Junkeer were able to appreciate the effectiveness of the framework and evolved it into their unique product to bring to the consulting industry, so that other businesses could share the feelings of success, progress and excellence.

Though the consulting industry offers services that promise excellence, Junkeer continue to see organisations revisiting similar issues popping up over and over again. Junkeer believe their model prevents these systematic problems from resurfacing. By understanding organisations in depth, they allow their clients to achieve excellence as opposed to fix their problems with a disposable band-aid.

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