The Australian Business Award for Business Excellence recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business management.

AndaTech is an Australian owned company that has been importing and distributing electronic products to retail and consumer markets since 2003. Focusing on the health and safety markets, AndaTech has emerged as a major distributor of breathalysers in Australia.

In an effort to streamline their business practices and add functionality to their internal and external processes, AndaTech have developed a business management system that’s resolved a range of operating inefficiencies by automating previously manual processes. The AndaTech management system (HUB internally) works as a central platform for employees to organise day-to-day operations, as well as providing external functionality to customers in the form of plan subscriptions.

Following the successful implementation of HUB, the amount of daily tasks completed by staff members increased, occurrences of human error were reduced and staff satisfaction rose. Externally, calibration management systems provided by the new system added value and quality to the products offered and thus increased sales. As a result, AndaTech have been recognised with an award for Business Excellence in the Australian Business Awards 2016.